Roof Coating & Painting

Are you noticing water spots on your ceiling? Is it time to replace your existing roof system? Let Hamilton Bros Roofing tackle all of your roofing repair or replacement needs. We will make sure your roof is ready to keep out the worst that nature can throw at it. Hamilton Bros Roofing has the equipment and experience and is ready for all types of roofing needs. Contact Hamilton Bros Roofing today for more information or to request an estimate.

Roof Coatings are a cost-effective way to restore and greatly extend the life of standing seam metal roofs. They are formulated to withstand corrosive and tough environments; so whether you need a repair or a complete roof coating system, Hamilton Bros Roofing has the right solution.

A major factor in curb appeal is the appearance of your roof. Does the roof on your home look old, dirty, or faded? Did you have roof repairs that resulted in mismatched tiles? Do you currently have a roof that you absolutely hate? Did you recently re-paint the exterior of your home, and now your roof looks dated? Would you really like to totally change the color of your roof or make your roof look brand new again?

Don’t pay for a new roof or suffer with what you have. Hamilton Bros Roofing can restore your roof to its original color or even change the color. Your roof will look better than new! Count on Hamilton Bros Roofing for a roof that you and your neighbors will love!